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I have 2 questions:

A: What's the best Half-height PCI-x video card out there?
(For example, the Dell 5100C comes with the ATI x600, but what else could it take?)

B: What's the best PCI (not-X) video card out there?
(For example, to fit in a system that doesn't have an AGP or PCI-x slot?)

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  1. B: I think there is some Radeon 92xx that have PCI interface. But, these are comparable Radeon 8500 in terms of features/performance.

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  2. And its PCIe, PCI-X is used in server, different thing. Be carefull because it can be confusing =) unless you really mean PCI X !

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  3. yes, don't pick up other people's bad habbits, PCI-X is completely different from PCI-Express, but lots of people say the wrong thing (sometimes even manufacturers!).

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