Is this a good laptop?

I've been doing research and i found that that asus k55n is the laptop that i probably should get, for the price and proformence.
It says the gpu is UMA (not sure what that means) but everywhere else i read it says that the asus k55n is actually a Radeon HD 7640G.
Im just wondering if this is the computer that i should get for under 400 and can run games, to a decency.
+ if that one that i want to buy from best buy actally had a Radeon HD 7640G.!pla!!!37678873159!g!!18463087999

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  1. Hi :)

    For that price games will NOT play well....add another $1000 and maybe or build a gaming pc...

    All the best Brett :)
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    Ok as far as I know, UMA stands for Unified Memory Architecture... This is when the Graphics Card is built into the Motherboard, and isn't separate, like it normally is. This is never normally a good option to take, because it can cause a lot of problems in terms of memory usage, and if you play a lot, the motherboard WILL get fried pretty quickly. Anyway, the k55 is a very basic laptop and isn't really for gaming. You won't be satisfied with the AMD A8-Series processor and the 1366 x 768 resolution. If you want to play games, don't settle for a K series, look into their G series.
    Also, Brett is right, you won't really get anything for the price you want to pay. You're going to have to up your budget if you want decent laptop performance. :)
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