Laptop keyboard visible, but not working

Hey guys,

Ive got a 'Satellite L650-12Q' and the built in keyboard has stopped working. I checked the device manager and it is listed as working with no X or ! next to it. Do you think its a hardware issue, or a software issue?

Any help appreciated,



Device: Standard PS/2 Keyboard
Driver files: i8042prt.sys and kbdclass.sys
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  1. If you connect an external keyboard, does it work?
  2. Yes it does, im writing this on a USB keyboard
  3. Has the system been dropped or disassembled recently?
  4. I have dropped it before, not recently tho and never disassembled it.
  5. In the Device Manager, you could uninstall the keyboard and then restart the system. If detected properly (and working), Windows will reload the drivers for it.
  6. It worked as you described, it recognised it and installed the new driver. However the keyboard still doesnt type. Ive opened notepad and none of the keys work. Do you think this is a hardware issue then?
  7. Possibly. Any spills on it lately?

    Is this system still under warranty?
  8. No damage recently, I have a 3 year cover, but i dont think it covers the keyboard. Ill have to go in to PC World and see if they can help.

    Thanks a lot COLGeek, very helpful!
  9. Since under warranty, I would take in for assistance. Don't take apart yourself. Doing so would likely void the warranty.

    Good luck!
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