P270WM vs. P370EM

P270: You have a desktop socket 2011 processor

P370: Basically the same except here you have a mobile processor

Looking to get a laptop before I deploy. I plan on running games on their higher/highest settings. From a purely gaming standpoint is the extra processing power really worth it? Should I get the desktop processor to be safe? I'd be putting a GTX 675/680 in regardless. I saw a Tom's Hardware article on processing power and gaming and it seemed to be dependent on the game.
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  1. either is good... although the P270WM has more cooling vents.. but be reminded that the P270 is using a desktop processor, so it might require loads of power and emit quite a lot of heat... if you want highest settings get the p370 with the specs:
    8-16GB of RAM
    the most important part is the GPU that you will be using since the p370 can accomodate sli so if you want just go for the 680M SLi
    slap in an SSD as your boot drive and a normal mech drive for your data and also if you will be using wifi Get the Killer Networks Card... and i think that would be good to go :)
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