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On Newegg (and also other websites) i always seem to find a computer with two different models, with very minimal spec differences yet a huge price difference

Can anyone explain why the cheaper one is better specced in the links below


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  1. the cheaper one has less RAM, a slightly better processor and half the hard drive space.

    the more expensive one has more RAM, a slightly slower processor and twice the hard drive space.

    honestly go with the cheaper one and just buy another stick of RAM and another 750gb 2.5" drive and save yourself the money.
  2. oh and almost forgot , also the more expensive one also has a blu-ray burner.
  3. I wouldn't recommend either of them. You can get newer, superior gaming laptops for those prices elsewhere.
  4. Those are previous-gen.
    Newer machines would have 6xx-series nvidia GPUs or 7xxx-series AMD GPUs.

    The $1100 version isn't too bad as a 570m is about the correct potency for that price, but why buy old hardware when you aren't getting a particularly good deal on it?

    If you are going to spend $1700 on a laptop, you should be able to pick up an MSI white-box with an i7 and 680m which will absolutlely bury that 570m.
    Try one of the smaller retailers like gentechpc, xoticpc, or powernotebooks.

    Here's an example from powernotebooks:
    $1653 credit, $1603 cash (remember to take the $50 discount for orders over $1500)
    i7 3610qm (free IC diamond upgrade)
    8GB RAM
    750GB 7200rpm hard disk
    Win 7 premium
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