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If I upgrade to windows 7 and now I have vista ultimate will I lose the extras that came with vista ultimate like bit locker and the cool extra games?
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  1. Just like with Vista, Bitlocker will only be available on the higher versions of Windows 7 (Enterprise and Ultimate). I don't know about the games (I don't have Vista Ultimate), but the Windows 7 comparison chart of the different editions says that "Premium Games" are available on Home Premium. If you tell me specifically what game you're after, I'll let you know whether it's included with Win7. (I'm running the RC on one of my PC's.)
  2. There won't be any Ultimate "extras" anymore. You may be able to retain them with an in-place upgrade... but the only "extra" with Windows 7 Ultimate is Bitlocker. It's not really clear at this point whether or not things like Tinker will be available for download on Windows 7. MS basically screwed it's Ultimate customers.
  3. I found that one can not upgrade to 7 permium from vista ultimate here is a link:
  4. I'm not trying to hijack this, but it feels like a similar question:

    Has anyone tried to upgrade from Vista Ultimate yet? I didn't know if Windows 7 Enterprise would do an in place upgrade of it.

    I didn't realize there weren't going to be any extras anymore. Thanks for the info Zoron.
  5. Did you click on the link? Windows Vista Ultimate won't upgrade to Windows 7 Enterprise, Vista Ultimate will only upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. I didn't write that the link is a table of all the windows upgrade paths.
  6. While it is true that you cannot do a in-place upgrade, you do qualify for the Upgrade edition of Win7. Look at this chart. You will just have to perform a clean install with it and transfer all your programs, settings, documents, etc. manually.
  7. wow thank you does that make sence to anyone? because it dosn't make sence
  8. bmxjumperc said:
    wow thank you does that make sence to anyone? because it dosn't make sence

    Basically, there are three versions of Windows 7: OEM for computer builders, Retail for those of us who want MS support and the legal right to move it form one PC to another and Upgrade for those of use who want to replace a previous Windows OS. Each one of those is sold in the various editions: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate (with a few exceptions). The OEM and Upgrade versions are cheaper, and the Retail is more expensive. What I'm saying is that you qualify for the cheaper Upgrade version because you own a previous Windows OS on the computer you want to switch to Win7.
    With the Upgrade version, you can choose to actually upgrade, or to do a clean install. With an upgrade, all your settings, files, and programs are transferred into Win7. Unfortunately, some extra files and registry entries, bloat, etc. may be left from the old, upgraded OS. With a clean install, all the information from the old OS is dumped into a folder called "Windows.old", and then Windows 7 is installed cleanly, with its own registry, etc. You have to transfer your documents from the Windows.old folder manually, and reinstall your programs using the original installers.
    Does that make "sence" [sic]?
  9. It's so strange that you can't upgrade from Ultimate except by buying a ridiculously expensive Ultimate of 7 that has few extras. Oh well...I'll spend the time and put enterprise on - get it free from MSDN and don't think it's worth the price for an in place upgrade of Ultimate.
  10. In-place upgrades of Windows are almost always problematic... you're always better off with a clean install anyway. I'll be going from Vista Ultimate to 7 Pro on my desktop.
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