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is there a way/ability for a modern laptop with an i3 chip and dedicated graphics (nVidia or ATI) to swap it's 3rd-gen i3 chip with an Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1220LV2 ?
(basically go from a 35w chip to a 17w chip with the same speed/specs and no extra heat generated from the Intel Graphics core that was on the i3)
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  1. That would depend on the laptop. Most laptops have the CPU soldered in and it is therefor not upgradable.
  2. heh. not sure what laptops you work with. acers, sonys, HPs, Lenovos all have removable CPUs. i should know, i get to be the guy who comes to your house and replace the motherboard when they break :)

    just curious if the bios will support a move from an i3 to an E3 (I _think_ they're the same pin set? but we _are_ talking going from a mobile variant of the i3 to a server chip so i could be wrong)
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