Hibernate / sleep not work properly


i use Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and my pc spec ( Intel Core i5 / 4gb RAM / ATI HD 5770 1GB DDR5 / mobo: Gigabyte GA-EX58-4UDP ).

i have a problem when my pc not in use and its come to hibernate / sleep mode its difficult to wake it up....
i have to use power button to wake it up. When i push the power button my pc will turn on ( wake up again ) but it just for a while before its hang ( freezes )..when this happen i have no choice to turn it off and plug off. After 5 minutes i plug in and turn on my pc then the window will start normally. But it will resuming windows and all my work / explorer run normally again just like before i turn it off.

It just weird but its working.... :??:

Very appreciate if someone can tell me why and how to solve it...
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  1. Hibernation is buggy, dont use it. Leave the PC on 24/7
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