Serious performance issues with 7800GTX / RAID

I see another thread where someone was having problems in games with a 7800GTX and eventually solved it by putting his system partition on his RAID set.

Well - I'm sort of the opposite. I have 2 * SATA II disks as a RAID 0 stripe (using the onboard features of Asus A8N-E / Nforce 4 Ultra) and that has 3 partitions. One is my system drive and the other have games.

Gaming will run smoothly from time to time, but in the main it is TERRIBLE. I've just installed this system, coming from a P4 2.8c / 5900 Ultra to an AMD 400+ (san diego) with XFX 7800GTX (not to mention the faster disks, cl2 corsair etc etc) and Farcry (1.3) for one is a serious step back! I've had the same problems in Battlefield 2 (1.02) also.

This is my first NForce board. I installed all the drivers - getting the latest from - which included ATA and RAID. What is the general feeling about using these?

Thanks :)
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  1. Well - maybe I've just gotten lucky, but after that post I installed the beta forceware drivers (78.03) AND flashed my m/b BIOS from 1005 to 1008 Beta and Farcry is running amazingly - which was a great relief!

    Hopefully not hit and miss.
  2. I had a memory leak problem in FarCry, it was fixed as soon as they released the updated 1.3 patch. Weird problems. Are you sure it wasn't clocking down the CPU and GPU due to overheating issues?

    My System:
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  3. Overheating? I'm not sure - my new case has no display on it so I didn't have anything to glance at but I suppose that isn't out of the question, other than that it happened most of the time before the 2 updates and after updating I had an amazing 30 mins with great performance.

    I'll set one of the temperature utilities to record temp while I'm playing. I just have to work out where to do that - I think I saw something on one of the nForce utilities.
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