New Acer Netbook.

I saw this new netbook for sale. Is it worth buying? I am going to use it for school ( Writing, Websites, Programming, Website developing).
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  1. It seems like a very basic laptop. But it's also really expensive for a dual core processor and a 11.6 inch screen... What's your budget? Try finding something better. This is certainly not value for money.
  2. I don`t have any budget. I just want a portable computer system. I just don`t want a laptop because it is heavy to carry.
  3. Here is the site with the best netbooks available.

    Take a look at the spec details and decide what you want. I think the HP Pavilion dm1-4310nr will suit you just fine, although its around $700. Otherwise go for the Asus Eee PC 1025C at $490.

    These are very simple laptops and are light and easy to carry. They should suit your needs just fine, as long as you're sure you aren't going to do any gaming or anything over and above basic office/work functions.
  4. I think i will go for a this laptop.
    It has good specifications and has a good CPU. Thanks for your opinion =)
  5. Just checked out it specs. Yup, it's pretty decent for the price. Good luck. :)
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