9600xt 128mb vs 256

Hi, Guys:

Could you tell me which one is better between these two cards: ATI 9600xt 128mb vs 256mb ?
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  1. Assuming the memory is running at the same speed, the 256mb version is marginally better... but not worth paying more than $15 dollars for.

    More than likely, the 256mb version has inferior RAM though, and that will affect performance much more than the amount of memory, especially if you plan to overclock...

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  2. For that card, the extra memory will not make a difference. The extra memory is useful when using higher resolutions. That card won't have the power to run games at ultra high resolutions, therefore it really isn't worth it. Like what was said before, usually the 256MB version uses slower memory than the 128MB card. It all depends on the price though.

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