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it has been about a week that I have faced this problem with my power supply...the problem is that I have to keep the battery plugged in all the time and the laptop will turn off immediately otherwise...when I put the mouse on the battery it reads " 0% availabe, plugged in, charging" but it doesn't get charged at all...plz help meeee...thank you
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  1. How old is the battery in the laptop? Batteries do wear out and will no longer take a charge. Thus you are running the laptop off of the charger. Unplug the charger and the laptop dies.

    If the battery is new (<1 year old) then contact laptop manufacturer
  2. it's 2 years u think I need to get a new battery?
  3. If when you have the old battery removed and the laptop still works ok then yes it is the battery. Googling laptop battery life will get you lots of conflicting info on the subject. Generally the battery warranty is 1 year. After that you are on your own. The life is dependent upon how the battery is recharged (fully drain before recharging) though for new batteries that is not so much a problem, in theory.

    Got a battery depot nearby you can get the battery tested? But I would just go ahead and replace it.
  4. thank u very much :)
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