Seeking a decent gaming laptop. (noob here)

I am currently looking at a 2.5GHz Mac mini
2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
4GB memory
500GB hard drive1
Intel HD Graphics 4000
OS X Mountain Lion. Found here . Otherwise I would like some suggestions for a gaming laptop under 600$. It needs to be able to run Minecraft and MW3 very effeciently. MW3 isn't too hard to run anyway, right? Thanks in advance!
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  1. That Max won't game and for $600 it should run mw3 at med to high settings.
  2. Macs are never good for gaming and integrated graphics are terrible unless you like playing at low resolutions with minimum settings.

    The toshiba bignastykid posted is ok. But from personal experience I would go for a laptop (even toshiba) with an A10-4600m (beast for gaming)

    You might be able to get it for $599 on black friday
  3. Yeah, if you are specifically looking to play games on a laptop with integrated graphics then you need to look at laptops with AMD APUs like the one linked above.

    The Intel HD 4000 is a pretty good integrated graphic solution considering that it is coming from Intel, but AMD's APUs have the most powerful integrated graphics. The HD 7660g in the A10-4600m is about 20% -25% more powerful than the Intel HD 4000. Of course, Intel CPU processing power is greater than AMD's, but when it comes to games the graphics card / core is more important.
  4. Uhm, MAYBE some BF3, not sure. DayZ, other COD's and BO2 most likely for games.
  5. I saw this, and I suppose I could build a computer, I've seen the newegg tutorial and I think I could figure it out, my uncle being a Computer Engineer who works with Hardware and Software... Could this newegg bundle be able to run the games I listed easily?
  6. I really like the combos that are on youtube, like this and this can you guys tell me anything about these ones... Maybe the best combo found in my budget?
  7. 600, a little bit over.
  8. I am willing to build a computer if it is really that worth it, but I need a small one because the space is small where I'm going to put it.
  9. Its not nearly as fast as the systems that I and seriousgamer have suggested.
  10. Okay. What about Alienware x51? /i think it would be a good starter and i could upgrade it easily in the future? Would it run mw3/minecraft at least?
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