My windows 7 will not install updates

My windows 7 has two problems.

1st problem: It will download the updates but will not load the updates in the hard drive. It will try sometimes as long as a hr. Then it tells me there is a problem and then it freezes. I have to manually shut down the computer to get rid of the message.

2nd problem: I can be playing games or really even work off line. The computer will freeze up and stay frozen for a few seconds and then will resume what ti was doing. If you are playing music. videos, or what ever I do this happens all the time.

Can I just down load windows 7 again and start over or can any body help me resolve this thing?
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  1. Is your version of windows legitimate?
  2. bignastyid said:
    Is your version of windows legitimate?

    Yes it is I bought the laptop from RAC I know they are licensed to load the soft ware.
  3. it from RAC, return it.
  4. all they do is wipe the hard drive. I lose everything on the hard drive. Not a solution for me.
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