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Vertical green lines on display.

Hi there guys.
There's a friend of mine that bought an Acer 5553 series laptop, with a 2GB 5650 Radeon HD. When he was taking his luggage in the airport, he kinda dropped the laptop and the only damage it suffered where two tiny vertical green lines on the LCD screen.
He's trying to get rid of the laptop, selling it at bargain price.
I want it, that video card is enough for my gaming purposes(dota, cod4). It features a Phenom X4 and 4GB ddr3.
My question is, how bad is that issue? I mean, will it get worse or is hard to tell? Im pretty sure is a LCD issue and it can be fixed by replacing the screen.
Do those lines increase like when the crystal liquid breaks? Will it eventually affect anything else on the system? Because I can live with those little lines.
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  1. Could be small like a loose lcd cable, or it could be a broken LCD or bad video card.
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  3. I can live with the broken LCD (it's replaceable) or a loose cable (it's fixable). I just need to know if the green lines behave like when the crystal liquid leaks, and it gets worse and worse. Btw, how do I check if it is the LCD or something else?
  4. Here's the explanation: No leaks.
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  6. Hi :)

    I own a laptop repair company and yes its the screen damaged and yes it will get worse, but a new screen WILL fix it, and its NOT the cable by the way...

    All the best Brett :)
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