HP Pavillion dv6700 sound driver for Windows 7

My laptop is named "HP Pavillion dv6700 Entertainment"
When i bought it, it had Windows vista, but the Harddisk broke, so i bought a new harddisk to it, and installed Windows 7 Instead.

So far i've had no problems with any drivers, except for the sound driver.

In the start the sound worked, but the built-in-microphone didn't.

So i tried to install drivers from all over the net, and experiementing with different things for windows 7, as well as xp and vista.

But i have accidently uninstalled the sound driver, that actually worked okay, so now im pretty lost.

Could you help me find the right, and working sound driver, that works for Windows 7? :)

Best Regards

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  1. I have the exact same laptop, with the same problem, microphone does not work after windows7 installation. i tried using audio drivers from internet but still doesn't work. At least my audio still works, but did u eventually find smtg for the microphone?
    Thanx, Ana
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