Strange Reboot Problem with HP Laptop

Hello everyone.

I have an HP DV6 6024tx laptop. It has a strange issue though. It's nothing serious, just a minor inconvenience.

Basically, whenever selecting the option to restart the computer, it will shut down, and then turn on again like normal. However, it gets stuck at the HP Splash screen (like the equivalent of THIS, but a bit different). No matter how long you leave it, it won't get past it, and pressing ESC, F10, F8, etc all do nothing.

If I press the power button, the laptop shuts off immediately. Pressing it again turns it on, and it boots up normally.

The weird thing is that if I just use "Shutdown" rather than "Restart", and manually turn it back on once it has shut down, everything works fine. It is only when Restart tries to shut it down and start it up automatically. So it seems like there is something preventing it from automatically starting up?

As for system specs:

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
CPU: Intel i7 2630QM
GPU1: AMD Radeon HD 6770m
GPU2: Intel HD 3000 Graphics

If you need any more info, let me know. I get the feeling this is possibly a BIOS thing.

Thanks everyone
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  1. Have the same issue and I too have a feeling that it is a bios issue. Mine is a HP ProBook notebook and i noticed the problem after updating bios.

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