need help with finding old video cards

sorry to post such a nob kind of question....

but I am building a new system and plan to put the old desktop down in the basement and connect it to the stereo to use as a virtual jutebox for my mp3 collection.

I need to find an old 1x agp video card with tv out so I can see on the tv what mp3's i am selecting. Any suggestions as to quality cards of a bygone era I should be on the look out for and where I can find tested old cards?

system specs:
p3 450mhz (I know...that's why I am finally building a new system)
384 mgs of ram
if you want to know
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  1. To begin with, your system supports 2x cards. The original AGP chipset, the LX, supported 2x, and your chipset has to be newer to support the PII 450.

    You can add newer cards if old ones are hard to find, anything that's 2x compatible, including 4x/2x cards and 8x/4x/2x cards.

    I'd go with a Radeon 7200. TV-Out hasn't gotten much better since, mostly due to the limitations of TV's.

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