Searching for a Portable Gaming Laptop

I had a macbook pro with retina and it was stolen. I had insurance, so now I'm in the market for a new laptop.

I'm looking for something that can do some decent gaming, I also need decent battery life.

Specs I'm looking for:

>13-15 in screen (higher the resolution the better)
>Intel dual/quad core (preferably quad)
>nvidia gpu, preferably better than a 650gt (for gaming this is obviously the big one)
>8 gb ram
>SSD, I can do the upgrade if necessary
>5+ hour battery life

It would be nice if it was an actual laptop and not a "portable desktop".

Many thanks to whoever can recommend an alternative to the apple.
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  1. Get an MSI life-long Asus gaming laptop owner, I love their awesome products to death, but this unit is an all around beast. You can spec it out exactly how you'd like to, with support for GPUs all the way up to the 680. I Own the ONC varient which comes with a i7 3710QM/16Gb/1x750 raptor/1x240Gb SSD/GTX670m. NOT doing anything too crazy, my battery can easily last over four hours unplugged (30-60 minutes can be gaming). Straight out gaming, I can get around three hours.

    Has a great keyboard (Awesome LED lighting), 1080p resolution, solid web-cam, 3xUSB 3.0 ports....its an all-around beast.

    I've only posted one other time over my four years having an account here...haha. Love this machine so much I had to share.
  2. Yup, the MSI GT60 will definitely deliver. And it comes at a really decent price of $1450, for the specs it offers. If you're willing to spend a bit more, then I'd recommend The Asus G75VW-DS73, which performs absolutely amazingly.
    You can customize it here. Take a look.
  3. Just noting, the G75 is a 17", with less battery life as a result in most uses. That was exactly what steered me to a GT60. Asus or MSI are both companies you definitely can't go wrong with. They both offer gaming lines that are pretty customizable, just hit up a good authorized dealer, they both offer good warranties too!
  4. @Haldir111

    How do you get 3 hours of battery when gaming??!!

    (9 cell battery rated @ 87Wh, GPU max load @ 75W, CPU max load @ 45W)

    @PO, how much can you spend?
  5. I make sure all the bloat-ware's been rid of (MSI isn't the worst for it...but yeah), only have the services I absolutely need running (Spent a day tweaking all the services to make sure everything still worked after lmao), and I use a program called ThrottleStop to lower the voltage/multiplyer on my CPU a bit (Plus, having a Raptor/SSD driver instead of two regular HDDs makes a pretty decent power consumption difference, too).

    I definitely don't end up gaming full-settings when I'm on the battery, but generally speaking with most games still running DX9, it makes it easier to make them still look nice, while still being able to down-clock things for the extra battery.
  6. the asus is much better. asus in general is better, fun thing is that the motherboard in the msi is more then likely made by asus. the battery is crappier on the asus, but u also have 2 massive fans to run, a big processor and a bigger screen then the msi. i have the asus, my friend has an msi. mine performs the same if not better, and mine was cheaper. do the math
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