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Display Issue in Windows 7

I have my settings on 1920X1080 but its not fitting the monitor i have about a 1" black line around it. I installed my Ati drivers but they aren't under the display under settings? any help
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  1. More information, please! Video card? Monitor? Driver version? Did it do it under a previous Windows OS? What version of Windows 7?
  2. Alright its Radeon HD4850 1GB with an HP 2159m HD monitor capable of 1920x1080, its windows 7 Ultimate and i did install it over Windows Vista, could that might be the problem i fixed the problem for the time being with scaling but its still not the same as it was when i had Vista on here.
  3. Did you get the drivers from the CD that came with your card? If so, you should download them from ATI's website. Other than that, I don't have much to suggest... Anyone else?
  4. I went to ATIs site and got the drivers Catalyist 9.8 drivers, its fine for the time being until they figure something out i guess.
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    Go in CCC and adjust the overscan.
  6. Yea i got it to work thanks alot guys!
  7. Was it the overscan suggestion by daship? If so, that deserves a best answer, IMO! :)
  8. It was the overscan, but the trick was i had to turn my resolution to like 1650x i don't even remmber, then go into CCC and go to Force Resolution to 1920x1080 then do the overscan. It was confusing but i got, i found it on ati forums in the Catalyst section. I`ll post a link later for when i get home.
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