Windows 7 s3 sleep mode power lost recovery 'feature'

OS: Windows 7 Home
CPU Phenom II X3, 6gb ram 500G HD

The system is working correctly most of the time.
After I press the sleep button, the computer quickly went to sleep. And it wake up correctly if I press key or mouse.

However, after the system went to sleep, if there is a power outage, the system will boot up very slowly, and after it recovers, all my programs are still running as if there is no power outage.

In XP, if the computer sleeps and there is a power outage, the system does a clean reboot, which is fast. In Windows 7, even though it is a S3 sleep (sleep to memory), windows 7 recovers all running programs as if it saves them to the harddrive, and the recover is very slow.

Is there anyway to disable this new feature in windows 7? because it feels a clean reboot is faster than this recovery.

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  1. Never mind, I found out it is called Hybrid sleep, and it can be disabled under control panel => power => Advanced=>Set Allow hybrid sleep under Sleep to Off and then click OK to save the changes.
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