Sony vaio pcg-61313l wont boot

My computer won't boot up I tried everything I could think of, restoring it, safe mode I mean I ran out of things to try so I came here please someone help
It gets to the windows logo and stays there for hours any ideas ?
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  1. These problems are usually related to a virus. Your System or Registry files could be infected. Do you have the windows CD? Or is it pirated? If you have the CD you can rested the Master Boot Record, and start it up manually. Otherwise you may have to reset windows completely, in which case you'll lose everything that you haven't backed up on an external drive. I think you can try booting it from the set up menu (pressing F 12 after start up, I think) and from there you should be able to move forward. The problem is getting it to start. Once it starts, run a full system scan and catch the virus, then you'll be set.
  2. I have the recovery disks that include windows 7 I ran them a couple of Times but they don't do anything to help and I tried hitting f12 at start up and nothing happened takes me to the windows error recovery page ? When I try to run safe more it goes through the drivers then gets to drivers/CLASSPNP.SYS and just stays there for hours ? Could it be the processor ?
  3. Nope. Definitely not a hardware issue. It's a software issue. You have to reinstall windows. If you're hitting F12 and nothing happens, and if it doesn't start in Safe Mode, you have to reinstall windows.
  4. Ok so I tried reinstalling windows and everything I put in the disk and try it just loads the files and then takes me to starting windows page and stays there not doing anything ? What should I do ?
  5. That's strange. Get a new laptop :D

    This is a really weird issue. You'll have to take it to the Sony guys and let them deal with it. There's absolutely no reason why the reinstall shouldn't work...
  6. Hmmm I thought about that but I think if I call them they are just gonna want me to send it in and then they will over price everything not trying to deal with them. I have a second lap top but I don't want to get rid of this one just because I can't figure out what's wrong with it. Go get f12 to work I enabled "external device boot and network boot" but when I hit f12 I just get media test failed? I been trying everything I could think of I even swapped out the hard drive same problem? I just can't figure this out -_____-
  7. So ended up calling sony they want 100 bucks to try and help me hahahahaah bs
  8. Oh. Well. It's either 100 bucks to get it fixed, or much more than that to get another laptop. Or you have the second one, just use that. Like I said, this is a very unusual issue and I'm pretty sure the solution won't be an easy one.
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