ATI has gone crazy I think

I was over at Rage forums and saw this. ATI is only offering a 1 year warranty on cards bought after AUGUST 31, 2005. So that's any of the new x18** cards. I'd be pissed if I paid $600 for a 520 and 13 months later it craps out. Are they trying to hurt sales? You have to click on "1. Current Warranty Statement and Conditions" after clicking the link.

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  1. Hey I lucked out, I bought two cards directly from ATI in August with 3 year warranty. Funny their site still has products listing 3 year warranty.

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  2. I was majorly bummed when WD retail HDD's went to 1 year. I just stuck to OEM 8MB versions with 3 year, but the cheapest deals are still after rebate retial box versions. Speaking of HDD's, when are the Raptor 74GB's ever going to come down in price. :frown:

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