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Hello experts. I'll be brief. I am looking into buying myself a laptop, it will be my first one, so Ive decided to discuss this in here. What I am looking for is a decent but not crazy gaming laptop, I do play just very few games such as League of Legends, but nothing crazy that requires incredible comp specs. What I was thinking of getting MSI or Lenovo laptop with i5 cpu (ive read it somewhere i5 is good enough for the time being) probably looking into 4gbs of RAM, not quite sure about the video card. Most of my time I will spend browsing internet, maybe doing some work with microsoft office programs, and very little few games, and movies. MIm looking into spending 400-700pounds(if thats enough for a decent computer for top performance for this price range pc). I hope you can help me out and advice me on certain laptops and specs!! thank you very much
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  1. Y580 or M14X
  2. thx for replying. Any other options? What are your thoughts about MSI or Asus laptops r they good?
  3. Go for Alienware M14x. Ith as got great specs for light gaming and also its build quality ig good.
    It's over budget(in pounds),thouggh in USD its 999, but it's worth it.
    Never heard about how asus or msi fare.

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  4. thx! I was reading stuff about LENOVO Y580, Ive heard its the best laptop for less than 1000 in them market right now, any thoughts?
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