Looking for a Laptop to play Diablo 3, Budget 300-350

I currently see a lot of Black Friday deals out there for cheap laptops that has Windows 8.

Just wondering if there are any budget laptops out there that can run Diablo 3, smoothly. But NOT in ultra high settings. just enough to play the game? Or maybe in Medium settings?

Thank you for your help.
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  1. Hi :)

    Not for that budget unless you buy second hand or a refurb...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. try and snipe a labtop that has a trinity cpu, not sure if that is possible in that price range
  3. You cannot get a laptop for $350 that will run Diablo 3. Sorry.
  4. There isn't a decent gaming laptop for 350, most " gaming laptops " are over 600.
  5. well, what if I just want a Laptop to game at medium settings?
    not like Ultra?

    I will increase the budget to $400. if it is possible.

    there are sooo many deals out there. THere is got to be one that can do it?

    Or do I need to look into used ones? or Refurbrished?
  6. that is great laptop, but its also $800.. double my budget.
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    Indeed i misread your post sorry.I thought you meant what if i added 400 to my budget lol. I read it again and not sure how i thought that clearly you said I will increase the budget to $400. if it is possible.And now that i understand what you're asking the answer is no.I do not think its possible this is the cheapest i am aware of.It is still perfectly capable of playing many of the latest games. It includes a quad-core AMD processor, 6GB of memory and a 750GB hard drive. Graphics are powered by the Radeon HD 7640 chip which can run most NOT ALL current titles at low to medium settings.
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  9. I am playing diablo 3 succesfully on a 4 year old dual core with 256MB Nvidia Quadro FX 570M. I have to run it at 1366x768, and turn the graphics down. It dogs a little, but its easily playable. All you really need is a dual core and a discrete graphics card in it. Anything but on-chip graphics will work for this game.
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