a great how to guide lost in the void

<A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=395280#395280" target="_new">slava's enhancing system performance</A>

If you find the above thread useful (as I did) please bump it so others can find it.

If not move on there's nothing to see here. :P

How about sticking it to the front page of the 2004 archives so people can find it if they want? It wouldn't be in the way on the current year but it would still be accessible.
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  1. Can't bump the original thread because it's locked. That's why I linked it here. It's got nothing to do with me. I just find it very useful information.
  2. You're pathetic Slava :lol:

    Keep your ass parked over at SysOpt with the <i>other</i> special people :wink:

    A unified pipeline is coming....expect big things.
  3. lol, genetic, I wish I had that kind of computer knowledge. If I did it wouldn't be so frustrated how hard it is to find that link. On of my friend's computers had so much spyware on it I couldn't even get windows to update until I ran ad-aware and cleaned some of the crap off. Another friend of the family's had these pop-ups that I still haven't figured out how to get rid of. Frustrating trying to find that thread from a remote location and the search feature won't even turn it up.

    If I didn't have the shortcut on my home computer I never would have found it. Stickying it to the archive would help. Heck, if it were just unlocked at least it could be bumped. Somehow the way it is now, it as if it doesn't exist though. The search turns up posts that refer to it and make comments and corrections but not that one. I even tried going through tens of pages manually and never could find the thing.

    I pm'd slava a while back to ask him a question and told him he should write a book though. You computer savy guys don't realize how frustrating it is to find a "how to" that is not step by step. I find this particular guide very user friendly. In practice I've found it very helpful.
  4. Again?

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  5. I forget. What was your troll specialty. It was something good. What superpower did you have?

    <font color=red><b>Long live Dhanity and the minions scouring the depths of Wingdingium!
  6. OK I was told there'd be Nekkid women, Where 'dey at!?!

    Hey, wait this is the same old story with another cover. Jeebus!

    Ok now back to the wall! :evil:

    - You need a licence to buy a gun, but they'll sell anyone a stamp <i>(or internët account)</i> ! - <A HREF="http://www.redgreen.com/" target="_new"><font color=green>RED </font color=green> <font color=red> GREEN</font color=red></A> GA to SK :evil:
  7. You're invited to SysOpt too, I think you're special enough, in fact you might be a little too special compared to others, but...they're a tollerant group! You'll enjoy the new review comming out there tomorrow too.

    <font color=blue>Only a place as big as the internet could be home to a hero as big as Crashman!</font color=blue>
    <font color=red>Only a place as big as the internet could be home to an ego as large as Crashman's!</font color=red>
  8. Probably similar to mine, hmm come to think of it I didnt have powers your a damned daemon you are.

    -Jeremy Dach
  9. Your the person that wrote the guide arent you!

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  10. Looks like the Nekkid women have left the building. :frown:
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