A good 11.6 inch Notebook ?

Hello. I wound want to get a new 11.6 inch notebook. But im realy confused about what shoud I take. I found this one - Acer’s 11.6-inch Chromebook. Is this good . I look for notebook around this prize 150-200$ . Can u give me advice ? Thank you .
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  1. I doubt you'll find an 11.6" notebook with Windows on it for that price. The Chrombook OS is basically just a freakin' web browser for an operating system. Everything is in the cloud, and the only programs it runs are those that will run in a web browser.
  2. So can you show me another options maybe i can give 100$ more . what do you think ?
  3. This is about the best deal I can find, although it's possible you might find something cheaper if you looked carefully on Amazon or Google. Unfortunately it's $399. It's pretty powerful, the latest Ivy Bridge processor and Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics:

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