How to Audio and Video link, TV to laptop

:ange: Hi, I would like to link my Toshiba C660 Laptop to the Freeview Recorder.
The Laptop skt's are Headphone, Mike, 2 X USB, Ethernet and VGA.
The freeview recorder has Scart and Hdmi outputs, Ethernet and Aerial outs.
The Laptop is wireless linked to the Broadband. (WIN7)

Any Ideas ? :wahoo: Aries8
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  1. Hi,
    What are the inputs for the Recorder (video and audio?
    For network. you'll need a router.
  2. Only want to copy OFF the Recorder. One way only, sorry if that was not clear.
    Any ideas ?? :D
  3. I see. You'll need an USB capture card.
    Maybe that you can connect to the scart, via an adapter .
    Not sure about its performance.
  4. Followed the link, that's looking good, seem's that all I need is multi' RCA plug cable from the switchable Scart adaptor, which I have.
    I take it there is some electronics in that USB plug shown at Amazon adv'.
    Will give that a try, cheap enough. Don't use the Hdmi, well not yet.

    Set up is SkyFreesat, Freesat, Freeview, continental viewing via rotating dish, 32 Satellites. All switchable through Scart switch box. (five remotes) Phew!! To 625
    line AIWA crt TV. Excellent results. Just reckoned if I break into Tv scart lead I can copy from all sources. Let you know if it works.,london,UK
  5. Nice setup. I read the reviews on Amazon for the capture card. They are useful when setting up the device in Windows 7 .
  6. Thanks, followed your link and read all the win7 worries, seems they didn't know about compatability. This machine does any 32 or 64 program. Have several win98
    and XP softwares running on very happily. Even a 1995 win95 Paintshop Pro 5, my favourite, old (like me) but does all that I want well. Have ordered all the leads and Scart adapter for £15 from the AMZN (no advertising) including the USB plug with leads out. What is the definition of 'Capture Card' ? (the software?) Do you want to go direct ? London UK Thanks again ARIES8
  7. You're welcome. I hope that the card will work. Please post back when you'll get the card.
    It's an analog to digital converter. I think that this discusion might be helpful for other users with simiar issues/questions.
  8. Ok ,will do. May not use the Software supplied then, will see how the set up works with the Screen Recorder+sound softwares I have,(12 off to try out). The source is from the recorder hard drive (Digital). Thou maybe supplied to scart via a modulator, will see. :D All the best, and make note of the address.
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