agp 8x geforce card in pci xpress 16x slot???

Stupid qu. I have a 8x agp geforce card, I have looked for compatability issues with the newer 16x PCI Express interface. Can anyone tell me if my 8x agp card will work in the new pci 16x slot?? I know I will end up buying a 16x card, but I need to know this info. I am thinking of the Asus P5LD2 board. Any recommendations??? I will be DJ'ing with my system and running music videos using 2 video outs with Mixmeister Pro 6.
Thanx in advance.
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  1. There is a Bridge for AGP to PCie, but really not worth it.

    Upgrading your system with a more flexible solution like the ULi based ASRock AGP+PCIe MoBo is a better idea IMO.

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    Foxconn and JEtway also make boards based on that Chipset.

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  2. Are you really set on using a Pentium 4?

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