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My android tablet wont turn on

I have an Android Tablet and I is fully charged but when I power it up it only shows me the ANDROID sign on the screen in stead of the home page coming up. What should I do? I order It from NOMORERACK.COM. I got it in the mail about 3 weeks ago. I got up with them and they said that I've had it over 7 days so there's nothing they can do. Please help. Thanks Brandy
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    look up the model and make, go to the manufacturer's webside
  2. Most likely you need to swipe an "unlock" icon, or location on the screen.
    If this is your first-ever use of it, let it sit there a while; it may be processing an update.
    If that fails, reset the device by removing its battery for ten minutes.
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  4. mine is doing the same thing.. did you fix yours.. ??
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