Is this a great deal, or wait for BF/CM.. A10-4600m Lenova 550

Lenovo IdeaPad Z585

So from what I've been gathering from about the A10, is that on paper the Ivy Bridge Intels will outperform. But in actual function the A10/7660m can hold it's own against an i5/630m matchup, and you get the added benifit of the A10s low power consumption which equates to longer battery life.

I've head that it's not a deal for an A10 laptop unless it's around the ~$500 mark.

Well, is it a good idea to pull the trigger, or is it likely there will be better deals for equally well performing laptops come Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

P.S. I'm just looking for a good laptop I can run Cisco's Packet Tracer simulator for school, and some minor gaming
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  1. bigity bump. I have an itchy trigger finger... Please someone talk me into it or talk me out of it lol I hear that BF and CM are going to be full of low-spec'd laptops for cheap. So is it too much wishful thinking hoping to catch a decent A10 chipped laptop?
  2. For the price it's a good laptop. Can't get better gaming capability at that price point.
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