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we purchased 125 laptops for school, with windows 7. We ghosted them, however...and now our we can't activate windows using our product codes
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  1. Did you image them after you already activated the OS? That could be an issue. There is an option in Win7 that allows you to change your product code, try doing that and re-registering.

    If that does not work, contact Microsoft, as long as you are unique codes for each build they will figure out a way to get this working for you.
  2. If you have genuine copies (a copy of Windows 7 per each laptop) of Windows 7 for each of the 125 laptops, contacting Microsoft should help you out -

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  3. Quote:
    Didn't they come with Windows 7 already on them?? Why would you ghost them if they already have OS's?

    If they need to install software packages, easier to do it once and image.
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