Space allocation for Windows 7 64-bit

Few hours from now I'll be installing the OS for my rig. I have 2 HDD, a WD Caviar Black 1TB/64mb
and a WD Caviar Green 1TB/64mb.

How much space should I allocate for the OS and which HDD should I install it?
Is creating a new partition for swapfile recommended for my setup? Which HDD to use?

I'll also be having a partition for my Applications Games, video files as well as my work-related files (docs).
This is the setup I've been thinking: (they are in order)

HDD 1:
D: Games
E: Applications

HDD 2:
F: swapfiles
G: Photos/Videos/Music
H: Files

The reasons are, I can't do other stuffs (such as using Applications) while playing.
However, I do use Applications while watching as well as sorting/transferring data
from the Files partition.. Other suggestions are still welcomed of course, I'm open-minded :)

Any comments, inputs, or suggestions are welcomed :)

Should I put this in the Storage > Hard Drives section?
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  1. I actually prefer to install the OS on a smaller hard drive and use 1TB HDDs simply as storage. But of course that means you need to buy another HDD.

    Assuming you do not want to spend more $$$, my suggestions is to install the OS on the Black drive and use the Green drive as storage.

    I would go with the scheme you have already laid out for yourself. 40GB for the OS should be more than enough especially since you are going to install games and apps on a different hard drive.
  2. bump!
    any more suggestions? :)
  3. Yes, I have one:

    C: OS and some stuff
    D: More stuff

    Why create all this confusion and complexity by partitioning your drives to the n-th degree? There's no real benefit to doing it.
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