Display Problem with Pavilion dv5

The display for this particular laptop doesn't light up unless it's at a certain angle. Is there anything I do myself to fix the problem?
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  1. Sounds like the backlight is defective. You can replace. Does the system display properly with an external display attached to it?
  2. Thanks for your input. The system displays perfectly when connected to a monitor.

    It displays fine on the laptop as well when the display is angled a certain way. I figure it's just a finicky connection of some sort but don't want to open it up poking around without asking for advice first.
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    If you haven't disassembled the system, it likely isn't a loose connection. However, if the system has been "serviced" lately it could be.

    BTW, a Google Shopping search of "hp dv5 display" will provide multiple sources for a replacement screen for your system.
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