ATI AIW 9700 TV tuner issue.

Have basic cable. No set top box, just hook the coax cable right up to the TV. On my TV, I get almost all channels 0-99. Same cable is split to my ATI AIW 9700. When setting up the AIW TV tuner, I go through the setup, select 'United States', 'cable'. Then autoscan. It picks up less than half of the stations that are available on my TV. I tried manually entering a channel, and it doesn't work, even though I know there's signal to that station, as I'm watching the same channel on my TV, which is right next to PC. Tested the signal from the split cable, and it's got plenty of strength. Again, I simply have basic cable, with no tuner box on top of the TV. Any clues to get all the channels to work? Thanks.
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  1. Might try a different version of MMC. I had similar issues with the same card and that worked for me.
  2. Right click on your TV display and go to Setup, choose the TV Tuner tab, and enable those channels from the list. If it's a reception problem that makes the channels completely unviewable, consider a cable booster.

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  3. Thanks for the tip on trying an earlier version of MMC. I gave it a try with the same results as MMC 9.08. Another suggestion maybe?
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