How to change ownership tag in optiplex 990

I just recieved a computer from my company and they wanted me to change the owernership name. How do I do this on this platform? There is no programs i can find just searching through the internet. Tried the simple stupid stuff like cmos pull. There isnt a cmos clear switch i believe but i doubt that would help. Thanks.
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  1. You need the Dell asset tag utility. Its available on their ftp site.
  2. I cant find the proper file for this pc. Its fairly new and its always hard to find this kind of stuff for new pcs.
  3. For newer systems you have to get it from Dell tech support.
  4. Nevermind the above, I dont have much experience with dell but im using the new CCTK. I'm trying to figure out how to send the bios package to the bios though. Made it in the program.
  5. Would you have any knowledge with that?

    could u decipher the pushing part of these instructions lol. I don't understand exactually what i need to go in to to push the file.
  7. There is a Command Prompt just for CCTK, I just have not a clue on how to push the file.

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