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Hi. I can get either a "HIS X800 IceQ II Turbo 256 256bit PCIe" or a "Gigabyte X800 256MB 256bit PCIe". Which will be better taking softmodding into consideration?
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  1. Neither will softmod, I believe.

    The only Ati that will softmod is the Sapphire X800GTO2, and it's pretty much made to softmod from 12 to 16 pipes.

    I hear you can softmod X800XL's to X800XT's in some cases, but all that really does is overclock, no pipes are added.

    From what I've heard, anyhoo.

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  2. Ok. Which one of these 2 will be better?
  3. You can, but it really doesnt get to the same level. Great cards, just dont OC very well. Mine OCd very well, but it was one of the minority.

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