HDD light staying on


HDD light staying on..system running at snail pace....uninstalled software, defraged, ran advanced system care,

How can I determine exactly what is using so much memory?

In task manager some processes are duplicated..? is this normal?

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  1. How much memory have you got and what is your operating system? The cause of this problem is that you have to many programs loaded up and not enough memory.
  2. also boot from a usb stick and run hard drive vendor health tool and hd tune read the hard drive smart info. see if the drive is healthy. if it is try booting in safe mode run malware and anti virus scan. also run ccleaner. check that there some empty space on your hard drive for the computer to make a swap file.
  3. thanks 4 the replys. Running vista, It only happens now when I initially boot up the system and it eventually improves.

    Smart RAM info as follows;

    free physical - 510 of 1013
    free page file - 1249 of 2291
    free virtual - 1988 0f 2047

    is increasing virtual memory manually an option?

  4. This is normal behavior for Vista with only 1Gig of memory, Windows 7 is much better in this regard. the solution is to fit more memory.
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