Can you use a diffrent stylus for a tablet?

I recently got a IBM X41 Thinkpad that has a tablet but no stylus. I want to buy a new stylus so I was wondering if i could use a wacom stylus with it?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I wouldn't waste your time with it as it's 7 years old and terribly outdated. That being said any stylus designed for a resistive screen should work fine
  2. Thanks, I was under the impression that the stylus does the sensing for pen pressure so buying a nicer stylus would be the way to go.

    Plus I guess this is a real noob question, if i were to buy ram that fits the slot available then there is nothing stopping me from say buying a 2gb or 4gb chip as long as it fits the slot right? I kinda am going to change a lot of the parts in the laptop and try to make it into something decent (by my standards, I guess :sweat: ) .
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