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Hi everyone, I just got this ATI X800XT PE (AGP) card recently. Its a great card but someone just handed me a free motherboard that is PCI-X, so i've decided to move on up to the world of PCI-X. Therefore I must get rid of the AGP card. So if anyone is interested, its a lightly used (2 months), in great condition, ATI X800XT Platinum Edition AGP card. I have the cables and adapter that it comes with and will pass it on to the buyer. Price is $300 or best offer. Thanks!
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  1. I hate to thread crap...but being able to get the unused retail version of the X850XT PE for $339 i wouldn't think you would get $300 for your card. maybe 250 who knows...

    Also as a side note PCI-X is not PCIe. you probably have a PCIe board.

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  2. Yea, you're right, its PCI-e... regardless I can't use the card anymore though.

    As for price, fair enough... i'll drop the asking price to $275 and i'm including shipping. Its still open to best offer however, just PM me.
  3. Still steap in my opinion..

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  4. still high, value of those cards is decenting rapidly.
  5. I bought mine from ATI 2 months ago for $229.

    This thread belongs in the FS forum, by the way.

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