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hi, when browsing, i realised my icons and everything became small. how do i solve this?
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  1. Browsing what? in what Program? using what OS? please give exact information if you want an exact answer.
  2. Exact answer help us help you by giving us detail for what are you talking about.
  3. I am guessing you are in a web browser and you must have hit the zoom out key? If so, hit zoom back in. I don't know what key it is on a standard keyboard cuz mine has dedicated zoom buttons.
  4. if its chrome, just click on the wrench and go to settings and you should see a zoom + and - sign. hope that helps. if not please tell us the browser you are using. Since all browsers are different to access the settings menu
  5. Hold CTRL, and scroll the zoom with the mouse wheel. This works in IE and Firefox.
  6. In Firefox go to the menu on top and click "View". Move the mouse over "Zoom", then click "Reset" when it appears.

    In Internet Explorer go to the top right of the screen. There will be 3 icons. One of which looks like a gear and when you move the mouse over it, it will state "Tools". Click it, then go to "Zoom", then select 100% to reset to the default view.
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