Looking for a laptop

I have done much research on what type of laptop that I will end up getting. I would just like to know what the community would recommend for a laptop.

Ideal Specs:
Processor: i7 3rd generation
Graphics card: ~GTX 660M (around there)->Would like to play planetside 2 on relatively high settings.
Hard Drive: 500GB minium(flexable)
Price range: 1200$ Max

I'm looking for a desktop replacement that I can take with me. Would be used for tons of rendering. I would like it to last me long enough for me to still be able to game newer games for roughly four years.

Examples of laptops:
(857.99$) -> (how much of a down grade is a GTX 560m?)

Future thanks to you fine gentlemen.
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  1. Here's the perfect laptop for you.


    It's lower version is this... but the lower version isn't a desktop replacement as such...

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