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Bluetooth not working on Dell Vostro 3360


I have a problem with bluetooth on my Dell Vostro 3360, and I hope you could help me.

Symptoms: The notebook can't find bluetooth devices and bluetooth devices can't find the notebook.
Additionally, trying to turn off the BT adapter from context menu or from mobility center does not work as well.
when trying to turn off the BT adapter via Bluetooth settings, i get an error saying "the following settings were not saved: discovery settings"

Things I already tried:
Tried updating the drivers, didn't work.
Checked BIOS settings - BT was ON.
OS: Windows 7 64-bit

Any ideas?

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  1. More information: The BT adapter itself is working without a doubt (I tried using it with ubuntu livecd and it was working perfectly).
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  3. alexoiu said:

    Thanks alex, I'll try it and report back.
  4. Yay!
    I didn't do exactly what was instructed in the link since i have a different adapter, but I tried various solutions "inspired" by the link (shutting down bttray.exe proccess and re-installing different drivers) and now it somehow works :)
    Thanks again!
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