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so i made about 1500 in vegas last week. and deciding what to spend it on.i'm thinking of another (again) upgrade.

currently i'm on a 3700+ on a Nforce3 ultra chipset with an AGP 6800GT. powering a 20.1" LCD capable of 1600x1200 w/ 12ms response

what i'm debating is replacing the Mobo and getting 2 7800GT's in SLI or 1 7800GTX.

would i get a huge boost in performance with the 2 video cards over the 6800GT or is it negligable. keep in mind i'm maxed at 1600x1200
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  1. anything "dual" - like 2 cards, 2 cpu's, 2 hard drives - you double your chance to run into problems. Will 2 graphics cards be noticable? Eh, maybe - kind of like 2 hard drives in raid 0. Is it noticable? not really ... might load things a little faster i guess. *shrugs*

    2 graphics cards, what will that do? get you a higher frame rate? so what ...

    so question is do you want to brag and say "hey i got 2 graphics cards" or are you actually looking for a performance gain - if its the later - just buy the best single card you can find thats super fast. You'll benefit more from that than the hassles and crashes of 2 video cards.

    This "multi" hype is crap - don't get trapped. companies just want you to buy 2 cards for the same performance of 1. Doubles their bottom line.

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  2. Boy do I ever agree with that. ATI should not have jumped on the multi card bandwagon.

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  3. SLI and Xfire are useless unless you can't accept playing in less than 1600x1200+ resolution, or if you want to show off.

    Still shows a performance DECREASE in some titles, you won't see me on that bandwagon until the bugs are worked out to the point where it natively gives a boost to EVERYTHING.

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  4. Not...
    No enjoyable performance boost with high end cards like your's 100+ frames per sec is far enough.
    take some time off the job with the cash and play !

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  5. Wait a minute... you made $1500.00 in Vegas, and you didn't spend it on hookers?

    Wow. That's self control!

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  6. Go get the 7800 GTX for right now and then get another one down the road when they get cheaper. Just one 7800 GTX can run anything with all the eye-candy enabled.

    2 7800gt is a huge boost over 1 6800gt but so would 1 7800gtx.

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  7. I put the majority of it towards my car payments.

    and then bought a new Motherboard and a 7800GT
  8. You probably could have squeezed a half way decent, one eyed, peg legged, $2 hooker with a glass eye in your budget there.

    Nice job anyways though.

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