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Ok, to start out I recently decided to save up for a Lenovo Y580 (850usd for the on sale HD, hopefully) because I was planning on becoming an engineer (undecided on which one), I use an old Dell B110 and an Acer Aspire One, my Xbox broke down and I plan on going to PC gaming.

So I decided on a budget gaming PC, but found that 500usd wouldn't be enough for my gaming needs (at least medium settings) and extended my budget to around 800 and came across the Lenovo Y580. Its HD Camera allows me to make quality videos, its power is good gaming to web browsing to movies (especially if I wait for the HD model), the HDMI slot allows me to use it as a makeshift desktop which I find a plus, and from the other features make me feel that I can use it for at least 5 years before considering an upgrade (my Dell is almost at the 7 year mark)

Now here's where the conflict comes in. My sister says it wouldn't be a good idea to get an 800usd laptop and that I should just invest in a 300usd one that I can take to school, use for notes and basic web browsing while investing in a separate camera for videos, repair my Xbox because her HP and Iphone5 do those just fine. She is 15, runs an HP all-in-one desktop she got a year ago for about 500 total and only plays MMORPG's.

My original want for the laptop was to replace my desktop and Xbox along with being portable (6lbs doesn't bother me in the least bit) and because I planned on going into engineering I found it a good buy as well for long term use, but since looking more into the profession I am debating on it a little. I have read that engineering students have little time for anything other then assignments, and once graduated may have a hard time finding work because the US is outsourcing jobs which leaves US engineers out of work and hard pressed to find jobs which bothers me a bit.

So my question is would getting the Lenovo Y580 be a good choice even if I don't plan on going into engineering and use it to replace my desktop (at least 5 years), as a video camera, multimedia machine and if so for portability as well? I plan on using the Acer for only note taking due to battery life and reliability while the Lenovo acts more as a portable desktop. I am still unsure of what I will do if I don't become an engineer, but I like working with my hands, knowing why/how things do what they do, speaking (such as debates and arguing) and being social.
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  1. Here is one i recommend for cheaper. and will still run most games on decent settings. Laptop PC gaming is different than Desktop. Which you can do with 850... just tricky
  2. Specs look good, but the screen size is too big. If I am going to get a laptop I need it to be moderately portable so nothing bigger then 15.6in.

    How different is it? I plan on getting a controller for PC so I dont have to use the keyboard.
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