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Ok right now I got an 8 gig partition (C:) with my old, pirated version of XP pro on it. I just got my XP home version (purchased from newegg) this morning, and installed it. The only problem is that it installed directly to my D: drive (the other 72 gigs) and never gave me a choice to format/install it on C:. I'm assuming I can't take windows off the big D: without reformatting it, and since I can't back up that much data, I figured to wipe the 8 gig C drive and use it like a little mini hard drive. Would there be any problems with this? The XP Pro still works (I get an option between loading Home and Pro everytime I turn my comp on) but I don't want it, I'd like to stick with my legal version now.
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  1. So it sounds like the 8Gig is the master of the primary IDE and the 80Gig is the slave, is that right? If its right the only problem is the ATA transfer speed, if they're different on the two drives performance will be lost. You need to post exactly how you've got it set up and the ATA speed of each hardrive and the brand would help also and lets proceed from there.

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  2. Sorry bout that, I wasn't very clear. Both C and D are the same 80 gig hard drive (an ibm 75gxp). C: was the home of my old windows and pretty much nothin else. Now, I installed my new, good windows to D:, and I want to reclaim that space from the C: drive. I just wanted to make sure that formatting the C: partition of the drive wouldn't affect the D: partition.
  3. I think that I would format C:, and totally erase the old install, and try again. So that windows is on the default C:.

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  4. Well I decided to bite the bullet and delete about 60 gigs of info so I could pack all my needed data onto my second hard drive and then reformat the entire c:/d: drive. Thanks for the help though :)
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