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Hello, I have a very strange issue with my Dell Inspiron 7720 and I've seen this forum as the place to get some help, if possible.

So, the issue.
If I use my laptop without the charger plugged in, everything is fine.

But when I plug the charger in, and make a sound (switch between folders, play a music, etc) the speaker starts buzzing and making strange noise (music is playing though and the speaker is working). If I disable the sound codec in Device manager, I get no sound ofcourse, but there is no noise, even with the charger in.

I had the same issues on Ubuntu, as well as Windows 7 Ultimate. I know the chances are minimal, but I'm hoping It's a software issue I could somehow fix, as I really need the laptop and it's working, although this issue isn't quite easy to ignore. And yes, I have a valid warranty, as the laptop is quite new, but not having it for 1-2 weeks would make my life and work quite a lot harder.

Also, if I don't yet take it back, could it mess up something else?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Do you also get the noise when you use headphones?
  2. szaboaz said:
    Do you also get the noise when you use headphones?

    Yes, I do. But when I pull the headphones out, the noise goes off, until I make a new sound.
  3. While I'm not sure the cause. If it's still under warranty I would take it back asap.

    While it might be a software issue if I had to guess I'd say more of hardware issue with everything you said.

    And if it is a hardware issue i'd say it's a short some where that when you plug in the charger causes the feedback to occur when ever the speaker is supposed to make a noise.

    I'm not tech expert by any means, but I sure wouldn't chance it. Even if it's a software thing it's not your problem to fix it. Make them do it even if it's a bit of a hassle. It's better then ending up paying out of your pocket.
  4. Yep, everything that kingnoobe said.

    Btw, does the noise also happen when the battery is taken out?
  5. szaboaz said:
    Yep, everything that kingnoobe said.

    Btw, does the noise also happen when the battery is taken out?

    Yes it does, even without the battery.

    I'm not trying to chance it, but the fact is, I need my laptop as I'm away midweek due to college, and I don't have a pc there...
    And the fact is the, laptop works, when I charge it up, I can use it normally on battery, or when plugged in, I can use it normally, but without sound.
  6. Well, until you find the time to send it back for warranty, you can buy one of those headphones which come with an usb connector. Something like this one:
  7. Or something like this one, which has the standard audio jack connectors and an additional usb sound module:

    I had one similar to this one (a Logitech), it was not cheap, but I liked it very much, and lasted a couple of years of active usage.

    Now I have a Sennheiser, which also came with an USB connector module, and that's a very fine piece of equipment also.
  8. While I'm not sure that would help it, as it seems like, when a sound is done, no matter if played or not, the speaker starts buzzing.

    I'm a lil afraid of it causing damage to something else though.

    I appreciate your help and ideas, thank you szaboaz.
  9. No problem.

    If you use the USB thingy, you can disable the onboard audio (because it's basically an USB sound card, totally independent of the onboard one).
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