Strange problem with hp dv6-3040us

Hello all,

I am having a strange problem with an HP dv6-3040us laptop.

I did a BIOS update, which all seem to go smoothly and the PC rebooted and was working fine. I don't think that is related to my problem, but it may be.

At some point after, the laptop stopped getting power. I've tried a different outlet and adapter, with no luck. I've tried a hard reset, which had no effect.

The only symptom is when pushing the power button, an orange light next to the power jack flashes 3 times. That's it.

I can't find any list of codes on the HP site that mentions that behavior. Is there any way to use the orange light blinking 3 times to diagnose what the problem is?
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  1. Battery problem. Change the battery and try it.
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