Existing Netbook HD Swapped Into Replacement Netbook - Won't Boot XP

I have an Asus eee PC 1001HA. I shorted it with a faulty cable, but salvaged the hard drive and it definitely still works as I have used a USB caddie to get the data off it.

I bought a cheap second hand replacement on eBay. I thought it was the exact same model but it is slightly different, it's an Asus eee PC 1001PX. It has XP installed and boots into XP with the hard drive that was in it just fine. I have swapped that HD with my own, and it starts to boot into XP but then just resets before it has finished booting.

Any ideas or help would be gratefully appreciated.

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  1. The processors on the two netbooks are from different generations, and imply that different chipsets are used, which, if they are different enough, will cause the copy of XP from your original netbook to not boot.

    Are you just trying to recover information from your original netbook? If so, you may be able to get a USB adapter that will allow you to connect the original netbook's hard drive as an external drive. You still won't be able to boot from it, but you should be able to copy your information from it.

  2. I have managed to boot by changing a SATA setting in the BIOS to be "compatible" rather than "enhanced". However, in Windows I've got no drivers for anything. Luckily the USB drivers work so I'm going to give it a go with downloaded drivers transferred on a USB stick.
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