A good gaming laptop under $600?

So I need a gaming laptop that will record games like Skyrim, Minecraft, GTA, BF3, and etc around 30 or more fps. My budget is $600-$650 I guess. I found some stuff that might be good but I'm not really a tech-y girl so I don't know haha;;

The first one is the Lenovo Ideapad with AMD a-10 4600m CPU and 6 gbRAM memory. The graphics card is AMD Radeon hd 7660 something like that haha
Next one is the HP Pavilion dv7-6135(I think)
I don't remember the specs since I don't have access to it ATM.
Well anyway, if you have any other suggestions, tell meee(:
Also a good external harddrive(1TB)if you/own any good ones(:
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  1. I recently bought that exact Lenovo laptop for a family member of mine. I have been able to run Minecraft without a single glitch, and that's about all I've tested on it. I am almost certain that it could run all those games you just listed, but probably at lower settings. It wouldn't look the best but it would be playable. The Lenovo is also VERY well built, I was quite suprised when it arrived. It's honestly quite sexy. :D
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